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3 Features to Check in Searching for the Right Treadmill - Consumer Complaints and Reviews

3 Features to Check in Searching for the Right Treadmill

There comes a point in your life where you find yourself buying a good looking piece of exercise equipment out of nowhere. After a couple of days of using it you just suddenly loose interest that it gets abandoned in that one corner of your house where you don’t even dare look. While impulses such as this may seem rare, the need to exercise should not be taken for granted. And when it comes to this buying a treadmill is something you should not just do out of impulse.

Treadmills vary and finding the right one for your need is worth every penny spent. You just have to know exactly what it is that you want—whether it is for jogging or just for walking. You also have to think of your home’s space and where you can possibly place it—somewhere it fits perfectly well without you ignoring it.

Once you’ve decided on what type of treadmill to look for, then it’s time for you to go hit the town to shop for it. Remember, make a fitness store your first stop instead of a sport’s store. Fitness store employees know more on what you need. They can also recommend various exercise equipment to make your fitness regimen worth it. Here are her aspects of the treadmill you’d want to look out for.

Treadmill motors

Motors are perhaps the most important thing you’d check first on the treadmill. You need to get one that will both fit your budget and will last longer. You need to check on one that won’t get easily hot while you’re doing your jogging. In addition this too will determine the horsepower you can use not just during a jogging session but also on walking. The motor your treadmill should have should get away with 1 to 1.5 horsepower during walking sessions and 2 to 3 horsepower during jogging.

Thickness of Deck and Length of Walking Track

When you buy a piece of equipment you have to check if it’s safe for you to use especially in the long run. In a case of getting a treadmill you have to check the deck and the walking track’s thickness. You don’t want to end up injured. Make sure that your ankles, knees, and hips have enough room and cushion to support you. A three-fourth inch thick deck is already okay for walking but with running it requires a wider and longer one.

Better try the treadmill while you’re still at the store. Don’t be shy about doing it there since as a consumer you need to be sure you’re buying something worth it. This way you’ll definitely find one that’s best for you.

 Features in the Electronic Board

If there’s one thing you should be careful about in buying a treadmill it would be falling for the features in the electronic board. Some manufacturers add unnecessary features to jack up the price. Remember that the only features you’ll be needing are the speed and incline, distance walked meter, time elapsed, and a calorie burner (which is also an optional but in some cases a necessity).  A hear monitor would also be ideal if you’re a cardiac patient.

There are so many treadmills you can choose from out in the market. Just remember that if you’re buying one you need to make sure to get that which you need most and not something bombarded with features you don’t even need. Finding a treadmill that works well for you will definitely bring about a powerful and effective workout.

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