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How to Get the Best Results from a Treadmill Workout - Consumer Complaints and Reviews

How to Get the Best Results from a Treadmill Workout

There are many ways on how to get the best out of a treadmill workout. It’s not just limited to either running or walking. Remember that this is the same as doing those two exercises outside which means you can actually make it more challenging. With a little imagination you can increase the level of your workout and even make it more intense than just adding up your running speed or your mileage settings. Just remember to check out every exercise routine you wish to do in order to get the best out of your treadmill workout. Here are ideas on treadmill workouts which can work for you.

Using dumbbells and arm weights

If you decide to do a walking exercise with your treadmill then you can add arm weights or even dumbbells to also work on your arms. You may do this by setting your walks on slow paces first while raising your arms with the weights on. You may even try raising and lowering it on some time, carrying on the rhythm of your steps. This way you’ll get your biceps and triceps toned up as you tone your legs and thighs. Once you’re more confident then you try more vigorous walks while doing the lifting exercises with your arms.

Walking Backwards

While this may sound silly, walking backwards can really get the muscles working well. Just start with really slow paces until you get it well. This will even increase your balance as you try to make sure to keep up with the treadmill.

This exercise may lead to certain muscle aches at first but as time progresses you’ll see the benefits of this workout that you won’t even feel the pain since your body is well adjusted to this exercise.

Doing Speed Intervals

Before you start this workout better do warm up stretches. This type of exercise with the treadmill requires you to do fast running for one minute before doing a slower pace for two minutes. Repeat this five to eight times.

Doing incline intervals

Just like the speed interval exercise, incline intervals requires you to warm up first before starting on it. Afterwards walk on the treadmill like you normally would do for five minutes. At the end of the time set your timer to an inclined position and do the walk for another five. Repeat this process twice to gain maximum benefit.


Toe-heel starts by walking as you normally would do for five minutes. After this slow down the speed and walk on tip-toe for thirty seconds. Do another normal walk for another five minute and then shift to tip-toe. Do this cycle twice to tone different muscles in your legs and feet.

 Treadmill workouts don’t need to be boring. You can make it fun and challenging by incorporating other exercises. Make a little research, ask a doctor, or ask a gym instructor to see which option would be best for you especially when incorporated with your treadmill. This will really shape your body perfectly well.

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