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The Complete Merit Fitness 725t Treadmill Review Is Here - Consumer Complaints and Reviews

The Complete Merit Fitness 725t Treadmill Review Is Here


Losing extra pounds which you have accumulated during holidays is easy with the Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill. This is all-in-one exercise machine will not let you down and makes it very easy for you to begin your in-home exercise routine that will fit your fitness level and your needs. This Merit Fitness 725t Plus treadmill review will help you know more about the exercise equipment that will surely release the fitness enthusiast inside you. With this machine, you don’t have to waste a lot of time inside the gym or fitness centers as you can lose extra pounds from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Product Features

  • Home treadmill with top-quality drive motor of 2.25 horsepower
  • Console controls which are intuitive (adjustable speed  of 0-10 mph)
  • Two-window LED screen which tracks your speed, distance, calories, time and others
  • Workout area which measures 18 x 45 inches which is associated with Aerosoft cushioning technology
  • Collapsible frame making storage easy
  • 32 by 52 by 71 inches expanded product dimension
  • 200 pounds capacity

Starting your own workout program in your own home is made easy and simple with the Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill. The exercise machine has a strong and top-quality drive motor with 2.25 horsepower capacity. It has seven built-in workout programs which include weight loss, hill and mountain climbs, endurance and cardio challenges, manual functions and intervals. Together with graphic and constant monitoring display, you don’t have to worry on how to maintain your workout routine as well as monitoring your progress. The collapsible nature of the Merit Fitness 725t treadmill allows you to store the exercise device conveniently when not in use. The weight of this treadmill is 121 pounds and it has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. The range of speed is from 0-10 mph and with an incline of up to 10 percent.

A lot of Merit Fitness 725t Plus treadmill reviews on the internet only tell good things about this exercise equipment. And if you are not yet convinced on what you know about this excellent machine, it is best for you to surf the internet ad log on to websites that offer reviews about the Merit Fitness 725t Plus.


The Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill will exceed your expectations when it comes to losing extra weight which you have gained during the holiday season. The built of this exercise machine is over the average for its price. The treadmill operates without any noise and it has intuitive controls. The collapsible nature of this machine allows you to easily store it under the bed or at the back of furniture. It has seven exercise programs from which you can choose the best and will suit your level. The graphic display of the machine allows you to maintain your exercise routine and monitoring the progress of your workout. If you have one of these machines, you don’t have to go to the gym as you can do your workout routines from the comfort of your own home. You can also bring it to the office where you can exercise during your idle time. The Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill review will be your guide about this wonderful product.


The safety strap of the Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill does not operate smoothly due to the weak magnet which was used. The drink holder of this machine is shallow making it inappropriate for bigger tumblers. Another shortcoming that this exercise machine has concerns on the heart rate monitor system which is not that accurate unless you continuously hold the bars for the entire exercise routine. But these are only minor drawbacks that the machine has compared to the benefits that you will get from it. When you have this machine at home or in your office, you will surely stay fit and healthy by losing the some unwanted fats in your body.

Customer Reviews and Scores

All the reviews conducted by the customers regarding the Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill are both critical and helpful. The exercise equipment garnered an average score of 3.8 stars out of five stars. Other customers commented that the machine is excellent and they are happy of having this wonderful machine at their homes.


With this Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill review, you have known the unique features and the benefits that you can get when you own one of this excellent and wonderful exercise equipment. Worry no more about those unwanted fats and extra weight that you have accumulated during the holidays as the Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill will be there to assist you in getting rid of them. This Merit Fitness 725t Plus Treadmill review will surely help you know more about the product that you will surely find to be very helpful.

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