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Treadmill Maintenance: How to Care Your Treadmill Exercise Equipment - Consumer Complaints and Review

Treadmill Maintenance: How to Care Your Treadmill Exercise Equipment

A lot of health buff spends an awful lot of time and money on finding the right treadmill. Once one grabs hold of that perfect exercise equipment, he or she would do everything to make sure it is well taken care of.

Good news to all the health buffs who struggles in ensuring the welfare of their exercise equipment; the latest treadmill exercise equipment have been upgraded with features that allows owners to maintain it easily. Such exercise equipment only requires a couple of minutes per month to clean it up and keep it looking brand new. Here’s how clean-up is presently done on treadmills.

Wipe it off!

Little do we know, any liquid that touch our exercise equipment can be a little hazardous. Take perspiration for example. Every time you are done with an exercise routine, you should always make sure that your equipment is wiped dry from sweat. Sweat actually has corrosive properties which can damage your machine. In this case, the belt of the treadmill would also end up sticky in case this clean-up is not done immediately. This makes exercise a lot difficult and dangerous for you if proper maintenance is ignored.

Dust it off!

Other factors that can affect your treadmill exercise equipment are dirt and dust. When dust and dirt starts clinging on your machine, it will greatly damage its electronic board. This affects its belt’s movement.  

You can clean your equipment by either using a duster or a clean dry cloth. For cleaning the electronic board, use a simple moist cloth. Just remember to refrain from using furniture wax and other chemicals in cleaning your treadmill exercise equipment.

Aside from regular dusting in maintaining the condition of your machine, remember to also remove the machine’s hood every two to three months. This is to check into the internal condition of the treadmill exercise equipment.

The Belt Should be taken care of!

Treadmill machine owners can do a lot for the longevity of their equipment’s good condition. A monthly check up of the belt should be done to make sure it is perfectly aligned: still in place and snugly fit. A loosened belt tends to be dysfunctional sooner or later. You need to make sure the screws at the back of the machine are tight enough. Just make sure not to over-tighten it since it can cause friction which is also a problem for the treadmill exercise equipment.

Other than tightening the screws you also have to make sure that the belt is well lubricated. Manufacturers recommend this very much. Treadmills usually come with instructions on how to do this.

It is actually fairly easy to take care of your treadmill exercise equipment. All you need is to make time every month in cleaning and checking that all parts are in place.

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